About The Crate Cafe

The Crate Cafe is born from the vision of two local families. Inspired by the laid back Indonesian culture and atmosphere we wanted to bring that lifestyle to the South Coast.

With unique settings in the heart of local communities, each Crate Cafe destination is a place to escape reality, embrace the outdoors and experience that relaxed holiday feeling.

Forget what you know about cafes and bars…we dare to be different. Our cafes offer something for everyone. From somewhere calm to relax or work to a vibrant spot to eat, drink or dance with friends and family.

Whatever the reason for your visit we promise a friendly face.

Meet Our Management Team

Manager, Head of PR and Coffee queen

Hobbies- Going to the gym and walking her dog

Likes- Spending time with friends and family

Dislikes- Early mornings!

Food Manager (in charge of feeding people)

Hobbies – Food, sun worshipping, motorbikes, travel and dogs

Family – Mum to Jasper, dog mum to Baxter girlfriend to Alex

Dislikes – Burnt toast, winter, annoying customers and spiders

Owner, taking care of business and finance

Hobbies – Surfing, eating, water sport, motorbikes, holidays

Family – Dad to Jasper, dog dad to Baxter, perfect boyfriend to Alice

Dislikes – Negative attitudes, days with no surf, cold tea

Owner, taking care of design and construction

Hobbies – Surfing, motorsports, dog walking

Family – Dog dad to Dotty and a few humans as well

Dislikes – Working, hot drinks, spiders